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Giving your security team a place where they can watch over your property and have a time for a quick reprieve is important, which is why getting a security guard house cabin in Malaysia can help your security detail get the necessary space to rest as they man your home and the community.

Alpha Cabin is a leading shipping container provider in Malaysia that offers prefabricated guard house units and high-quality modular spaces in Malaysia. Our mission is to provide our clients access to alternative housing and spaces that would fit right into their budget and requirements.

High-quality Security Guard House Cabin in Malaysia

Choosing the best modular guard house for your security team is important. It will be their space while they are on duty so you need to make sure that it is as comfortable as possible but also can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and weather.

Alpha Cabin has the best guard house design layout and architecture that would ensure that your security has a home away from home. Our prefab guard house units and portable security guard booths are designed and made using the best materials and fixtures for living and for business purposes.

Top-notch Prefabricated Gatehouse in Malaysia

Here at Alpha Cabin, we pride ourselves with the quality of service and products that we provide are of the highest quality. We make sure that all our cabin homes and container cabin offices are made to the exact specifications of our clients and orders are fulfilled in accordance with the agreed time table.

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